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I start Job training tomorrow!
I'm not a NEET anymore!
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do you mean 11 in the evening 6 in the morning

or 11 afternoon 6 evening?
first one.
11pm to 6am
wait, im stupid.
10pm to 6am
It's all about having a supervisor that's not a dick. Even better if you don't have a supervisor (graveyard gas station.)
If your boss is cool, and you shoot the shit every day, time flies.
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I can't relate to that. I worked a similar job years ago but my boss had a tendency to wander off to mingle with the customers for hours on end. First few days on the job I was training during the first shift and right before the morning

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What's your weirdest fetish /campus/ ?
Oh shit I started a similar thread right when you did.
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Midget stuff kinda shocks me to this day, who ever keeps posting that midget dancing webm again I swear I'll fucking report you.
Lol but yeah I get what you mean. I think as people, we're so used to seeing this shit that it isn't gross anymore, its like the norm.
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You don't like my sweetypie? :'(
You son of a bitch
>inb4 dancing midget webm
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Don't worry, I've posted it enough here for now. Someone uploaded it on a now-defunct file uploading site under the name "el diablo" and I thought it was hilarious. I wish I knew the original source to see if there's more like it somewhere online.
Same here, someday it'll turn up lel

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Anyone into preggos?

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How do people manage to do that no-fap stuff?
I fap about 2 times a day.
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sorry, i'm tired as fuHow can you fap so much and what sense or purpose does it have? Or how it can be so joyful or bring such pleasure? All times I fapped I didn't fucc
i fucked up
sorry i'm tired as fuck, I readed OP post as How do people manage to do that fap stuff

Oh, ok. Sorry.
Why would anyone want to fap so much?
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I didn't fap for the first 10-11 years of my life. It's not that hard to pull off.
Sometimes I can get off three times in a row, like an hour of masturbation, but I don't set out to do it.
Just accidentially seeing three lewd things one after the other, my dick can't help itself.

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what have you done today ?
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Got an oil change for my shit car. Ate, then wage slaved for the rest of the day.
And tomorrow I get to do it all over again.
Are you the wage slave anon from last night?
How did your night go? Did you workout?
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Pretty sure that person ... I thought that person was working the graveyard shift?


Which animu? Is it new new or just new to you?
Yeah, I think so. Afternoon time I think I posted that.
I cycle sometimes, I need to fix and basically rebuild my bike. But my job is pretty much a constant workout. Warehousing, wuality control, hot as fuck. Need a lot of water.
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>6456 Nevermind on this one

I spent most of my day playing Dragon Quest 8, watching some of my DVR'd shows and started on a new show that ... On another funny Canadian show I stumbled across the other day called LetterKenny.

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Pink ## Admin
I had a few beers and didnt notice the cp spam, thanks for the reports though.
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That's why I consider myself a Deist. Basically that means that I believe there is a god, but one that simply created the universe and then let everything else fall into place. No special genocides, floods, prophets, miracles, etc. Just natural phenomena with logic and reason prevailing over faith.



Yeah there may be no hard evidence, but there is no hard evidence that there is no god either.
I'm familiar with deism. But eh, no evidence.
>no hard evidence that there is no god either.
That's why agnosticism is the best stance.
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Deism is pretty much the most neutral stance anyone can take if they believe in a god. Otherwise, you take the god out and you have agnosticism. It's ... Well, almost. Maybe that would be a better argument towards atheism instead? Ah ... ... ... I lost my train of thought.

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This is nice chan
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imageboards have always functioned in a way that one might call them "social networks" m8
actually that's the main giveaway that you were wrong
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We should make some shirts
Who wants to design them?

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Cute pink girls pt.2
Anti-anthropomorphic edition.
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Thank you.
She reminds me a bit of: >>>/watch?v=WIKqgE4BwAY
Holy fuck
Because Gothic Lolita style
Ebola-chan is bestgirl

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「Break the code fam」

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what could this mean?
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Something about the rain? it has an umbrella
if you throw your cup in the air Mary Popins will come have wine with you
Keep it right side up... it's either food or fragile
this side up, fragile, keep away from moisture, not sure, food safe plastic.
the empty glass and fork are food safe plastics, the filled one im not sure about and google isn't telling me.
Image 1501120442397.jpg (148 KB, 1920x1080)
OP here, the contents of the box are plastic spoons. just in case you were wondering

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What does chanpink think of National Socialism and the Jewish Question?
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I am not sure about Canada.. USA envy? Cold weather and trapt inside therefore irritable ?
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Well i do not know canadians personally
But they are said to be very kind people, yes?
Maybe that is why, they have to shitpost somewhere else than irl
Quit possible, anonymity does allow the inner self out.
I meant to reply but i didnt want to reply after clicking the link
It's weird style of posting to get used to, I have fucked up more than a few times too.